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SPACE AIRSHIPS holds a federal authorization as an aviation services operator specialized in aerial advertising, aerial cinematography (environmental monitoring and urban surveillance), granted by Civil Aviation National Agency and is also certified as aviation repair station.

SPACE AIRSHIPS is the only Brazilian aviation company approved and with technical experience in the operation of LTA artifacts and aircrafts (Blimps, airships and tethered balloons). It is also the only company authorized to commercially operate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Brazilian airspace.

Colligated to the world's largest manufacturer of airships, American Blimp Corporation, and the world's largest operator, The Lightship Group, both US companies, SPACE AIRSHIPS is the exclusive operator of these products in  South America .

SPACE has also technical cooperation agreements with manufacturers of airships and aerostats in Asia and Europe.

SPACE AIRSHIPS headquarter is located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, and it also has fixed operating bases in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Campo de Marte and Biritiba Mirim, São Paulo. SPACE has also rights under an operating agreement for the use of the hangar in Santa Cruz Air Force Base, in Rio de Janeiro, in order to assembly its manned airships.

SPACE was certified in 2011, under Quality Control Standadrd ISO 9001 in Brazil US and UK.

In the field of ​​aerial advertising, SPACE charter airships equipped for brand promotion and transmission of TV images. Services also include operational activities, marketing support to maximize campaigns with airships.

SPACE AIRSHIPS has been operating the Goodyear blimp in Brazil in South America during the last ten years and during this time has performed more than 12,000 flight hours, carrying over 6,000 passengers on panoramic flights.

During the last ten years the Space maintains an operational agreement with Rede Globo, the most important TV network in Brazil, for broadcasting of outdoor events including: soccer matches, marathons, beach competitions, and carnival. In all these events the airships shows up as merchandising, granting large audiences.

In aerial cinematography field, the staff SPACE was the creator of the command and control program “Um Olho no céu” ("An Eye in the Sky") in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2002, pioneered on the use of airships as platform for law enforcement, health and environment control, homeland security and urban planning.

SPACE AIRSHIPS, as the unique Brazilian company with real experience in command and control programs, offers a complete C3I system, with three optional types of platform: manned airships (for large urban areas); and robotic aircraft (for small towns and industrial plants); and tethered balloons (for point surveillance).

The imagery systems used by SPACE AIRSHIPS are the state of the art in air surveillance and is also used in modern systems for aerial reconnaissance of the armed forces of different countries.

Aerial cinematography services include: operation of the whole system; images distribution; reports of experts in photo interpretation; training and integration with the media; and local safety research activities or air support to ground forces.

Using its own financial resources, the Space has developed a concept of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) through detailed research since 2002, and in 2007 has qualified a Chinese company from the University of Beijing to production of a robotic blimp for using in advertising, air monitoring, public security, border patrol, geological surveys, urban planning and environmental monitoring. This model uses the latest imagery generation and data transfer technology, can be operated at distances up to 100 (one hundred) km.

The robotic airship model, the A-20, received operating authorization from the Brazilian National Agency of Civil Aviation on February 28, 2008, after a long process of technical certification, involving all sorts of evaluation. It is the first and so far the only civilian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to receive official approval, in Latin America.

In 2010, after a joint research with Management Development Engineering Department of PETROBRAS, SPACE has participated in the development and implementation of a technical solution for aerial inspection of two pipelines construction lanes, near São Paulo.

During eight months SPACE has flew the UAV A-20 over a range of 120 (one hundred twenty) kilometers, in the mountains outskirt of the City of São Paulo, succeeding in operate under challenging weather conditions and logistics.

The produced images were made ​​available through SPACE’s own a cloud internet system of distribution (SPACEVISION II), a functional network with:
SPACE and the American Blimp Corporation are currently discussing with Petrobras:
the joint development of a system of heavy lift cargo transportation using tethered balloons, for exploration and drilling in the Amazon rainforest, without damages to the environment.
The use of a tactical system for surveillance and radio signal broadcast using small tethered balloons installed on mobile platforms.
SPACE AIRSHIPS is currently the only Brazilian company, officially able to conduct technical operation of LTA artifacts, such as airships and tethered balloons and therefore has been granted  with public bid exemption on the above projects described.
“Space has recently celebrated a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Google in Brazil to joint development of a Geo Imagery System based in Spacevision and Google Earth Builder.” 

Av. Das Américas 700, Bl.1, Sl.331
Cita America, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
RJ, Brasil, CEP – 22640-100
Fone: 21 3042-0731


ISO 9001:2008 - Quality management systems - Certificates