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The advertising blimps are a relatively new concept in our country but largely explored in the United States and Europe as multimedia platforms to produce significant results in the field of: events; communication POS; web / internet; public relations; relationship marketing; outdoor advertising; merchandising on TV; social marketing; and social and environmental responsibility.

We are a traditional Brazilian aviation company and Goodyear Blimp operator for more than ten years, and during this time we’ve flew more than 12,000 hours throughout Brazil. We are also colligated to the largest operator of airships in the world: The Lightship Group (www.lightships.com). Together, we have flown for the top hundred brands in the world in all continents.

Our company takes responsibility for all aspects of the project, including importation of the airship, payment of staff costs, artwork production, official permits to fly, assembly of operating bases, acquisition of support equipment, operations, customer support and schedule selection.

The airships taking sponsors’ colors, can operate from a fixed base or do road tours to any region of Brazil, performing:

• Exposure flight over populated areas, public events and points of sale.

• Panoramic flights with passengers

• Monitoring of road traffic

• Film and TV broadcast

• Social responsibility actions

As an alternative to vinyl artwork, the airship can take banners imprinted with promotional messages. These banners can be exchanged in a day's work at the operations field.

In public events sponsored by the advertiser, particularly in music shows, the airship can still generate unique aerial images to large screens in VIP areas.

Due to its playful image, the softness of its flight and its very low noise level, the airship has the sympathy of most people, according to a public research from the Institute GERP in March 2006.


Scenic flights can be made with tourists, guests, authorities, trend makers, handicapped, celebrities or as awards for outstanding employees. These flights can also be raffled or auctioned philanthropically through the advertiser's site, generating a significant number of page views. In the case of flights with celebrities, this can be done in partnership with gossip magazines.

In S. Paulo concern with the traffic is at the top of the list of São Paulo, with the city daily beating their record in traffic jams. The airship, without absence of their promotional activities, can generate and transmit images on the traffic for long hours and also allows the transport of an expert on board to provide information to TV stations, radio or even directly to drivers via SMS .

Our federal authorization as an aviation company is extensive to any point of the national territory. The airship is an aircraft registered with the FAA and the Department of Airspace Control.

The transmission of sporting events, such as a different camera view, especially in coverage of football, can lead to the exchange images in TV merchandising for the advertiser, increasing significantly the scope of the promotional message. Considering the selection of Brazil to host next FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games, the interest in sports events, tends to grow exponentially in coming years.



During country tours, the airship can generate spontaneous media. These contents could be used in the advertiser's webpage or be exploited in television advertises.

During exposure flights, the airship can generate content for live news, since its modern imagery system allows direct insertion in the programming of TV stations.

The airship operations base can work as a client’s hospitality centre, disclosing the company's products on LCD screens and even sending advertising to cell phones, pagers, laptops and handhelds via Bluetooth Proximity Marketing (optional).

Its long endurance also allows the airship to remain on the air for a long time covering unexpected news events.

The images generated by the blimp can also be transferred voluntarily to environment, health, civil defense and urban planning departments.

These volunteer activities of social responsibility offer a higher return of spontaneous media sympathetic to the advertiser, linking the brand to the most important agendas of the moment. It can be even extended through collaboration in public campaigns such as the reduction of violence in transit and pollution monitoring in the oceans, rivers and lakes.



The airship stands out as a media vehicle for originality, for its ability to interact with the target audience and low dispersion index of the message. In addition it raises emotions and generates at the medium and long terms an association of the brand with positive feelings aroused from the moment people see the airship.

Proper positioning of the brand and the focus to the target audience also occur as a result of effective consistent and integrated communication. The airship offers all of these conditionsfor being a flexible tool that allows the advertiser to generate promotional, institutional, sales support and merchandising, as well as enables the establishment of partnerships with TV stations, Radio and Internet service providers.


 Advertising with Airships is extremely cost-effective, especially in positioning of brands and products, considering the high number of impacts, and also the high rate of recall obtained. We have a range of models of airships of different sizes and costs.

See our company in action in the video below.