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In October 2010 Airships to Space signed a bid exempt contract with Petrobrasto conduct an experimental pipeline surveillance program for monitoring the construction of two pipelines (GASAN/GASPAL) over the mountains around the city of Sao Paulo during eight months.

Our operation with a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) A-20, collecting videos and pictures twice a week and distributing online through a functional network, allowed that different sectors of Petrobras, in different parts of the country, could simultaneously follow through the internet the progress of the construction job almost in real time. And that has represented a significant economy, with the optimization of the management decision flow.

Amid the program, it has been also conducted a successful test of new technologies, to be used in case of contingency.

Petrobras has graded our services as "excellent".


Goodyear has been investing in airships as the central icon on their communication campaigns since the beginning of the century. In Brazil, Goodyear has only trusted the operation of its Airships to Space.

Between 1998 and 2002, the airship PR-MKJ was baptized by Goodyear as "Spirit of the Americas." It was a model A-60 American Blimp Corporation with four pax capability and besides Brazil, it has flow also in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

“Spirit of the Americas” has broadcasted the first football match with such kind of platform, starting a profitable technical cooperation between Goodyear and the Globo Television Network, which lasted more than fifteen years.

Between 2003 and 2006 the Goodyear blimp has brought the "Ventura", as has been baptized the PR-ANA, a model A-150 with capacity for nine passengers, who became famous in the city of São Paulo under the nickname D. Ana.

Every year since then Goodyear is conducting the airship programming with an emphasis on communication planning orienting it to strengthen the brand at the institutional level. Thus, the components that are present in major media event sponsored by Goodyear in the states of Rio and Sao Paulo, conducts tours VIPs with special guests in the relationship marketing program, uses its luminous panel to disseminate prevention messages according to the campaign for Social Responsibility, among other occasional needs for strengthening the specific product areas that need immediate impact.

A schedule emphasizing a communication planning oriented to strengthen the brand at corporative level is created every year. Therefore the airship marks its presence in all Goodyear main events in the states of Rio and Sao Paulo, conducting vip flights under the PR perspective, using the nightsign to promote filantropic messages under the Social Responsibility perspective, and reinforcing the marketing of specific prooducts under the Sales perspective.

The midia return happens at two main levels: expontaneous midia in the press and digital vehicles; and through the interchange programs with TV networks, which comes to multiply the brand exposure.


Spirit of America e Ventura

Visited Countries
Brasil, Uruguai,
Paraguai e Argentina
Visited Brazilians capitals
Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Vitória,Brasília e Salvador
Total flight hours
Distance traveled
623.000 Km
Average effectiveness
Average cancellations



International Cases

The participation of airships in the coverage of Olympic summer and winter, is now a main request from the broadcasters, due to the unbeatable quality of images generated by these stable aerial platforms.

One of the most desirable side products of aerial footage of events when using an airship is the possibility of the exchange of images by exposure in television stations, which increases exponentially the sponsor brand visibility.

In the United States, the average media return from a blimp at sports coverage is approximately $ 280,000 per event of NFL.

In England, the airship of Sky Sports, covering matches on the National Football Association, is showing rates of return of approximately $ 47,000 per match.

The 'case' of Whitmans, who launched a new line of chocolate in the Australian market in 1997 became a classic.

With a campaign, based on the use of a A-60 + Blimp, the product took a 24% slice of the market in just 180 days. And with a smaller investment than the competition, initially the absolute leader in the market.